5 Reasons you need Business Process Automation

Paula Loverich

There are many key reasons why business process automation is ideal and even essential for your company. Here are five.

5 Reasons you need Business Process Automation

There are many key reasons why business process automation is ideal and even essential for your company. Here are five.


Let’s admit this – humans are not the best at repeating and remembering things; machines are. The potential of your employees can be better realized if you leverage business process automation. The mundane, yet often most time-consuming processes can be handled by technology.

There is a wide spectrum of benefits that can be gained from automating your business processes… more on that in a minute. But first, let’s find out a little more about business process automation.

What is Business Process Automation?

According to Gartner Group, “Business process automation (BPA) is defined as the automation of complex business processes and functions beyond conventional data manipulation and record-keeping activities, usually through the use of advanced technologies.” It is a process of utilizing computing technology to manage data and information so that you can effectively maximize productivity while saving money and time. Generally speaking, business process automation involves the implementation of software applications, cloud computing and/or SAAS solutions to enable routine business tasks to be completed without intensive manpower.


Why You Need to Automate Business Processes

Here are five reasons that matter most when it comes to persuading employees, management and your executives to embrace change through business process automation:

#1 – Unleash Your Workforce & Reduce Workload

Do you really want to invest in eight hours of manual labor? Especially when at least four hours of that labor can be handled with automated processes in just 15 minutes? When you lessen the burden of your workforce and reduce workload for routine tasks, you unleash your employees’ hidden value. Allow them to focus on more strategic aspects of the business.

#2 – Ensure Better Workflow & Employee Accountability

With BPA, your entire team has time to focus on the overall business process workflow and can work better as a team to support the entire business operations. What’s more, with business process automation, you can measure the important metrics for your business processes, improve upon them and easily come up with solutions to implement better processes, avoid bottlenecks, and balance workloads.

#3 – Increase Processing Speed & Accuracy of Business Processes

Common business processes such as invoice processing have manual steps that introduce many types of mistakes from human error. Not only can these mistakes cost you money, they can also tarnish your business reputation. When you implement business process automation, you can effectively avoid slow cycle times, rework, poor communication and much more. You also can increase customer satisfaction and develop better business relationships with your suppliers. You’ll have faster and more precise business process driving your day-to-day operations.

#4 – Save Money Without Compromising Productivity

With automated business processes, you can scale your operation without needing to hire extra manpower for low value tasks. You also save money by reducing training and management expenses for tasks that are now automated. These savings along with a more focused workforce add up to better results.

#5 – Total Control & Business Visibility

The business that succeeds is the business that has visibility into and control over its processes and data to support decision making in every segment of their business operations. When you automate your business processes, you are able to gain transparency into those processes. You will know exactly which direction to take your company or which problematic processes are affecting your business growth.



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