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Setting the standard for invoice-to-pay automation.

Partner with the leader in payments automation. Our flexible technology, open architecture, advanced automation, and seamless integrations empower optimization of any B2B payment process.

Connectivity. Transparency. Simplicity. That’s the Power of Edenred Pay.

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Invoice automation

Elevate your invoice processing with guaranteed 99.5% data capture accuracy, expert-assisted exceptions resolution, and touch-free posting to 350+ ERPs and accounting software packages.

Payments automation

Optimize and monetize your payments to suppliers with an integrated platform that supports any payment method, provides complete visibility into cashflow and spending, and generates value.

Corporate travel

Ease your administrative burden and take full control over your travel expenses with our corporate travel solutions. From effortless bookings to touch-free reconciliations, we’ve got you covered.

Fleet cards

Reduce costs, protect your business from unauthorized spending, and gain instant access to your fuel and maintenance costs with the industry leading fleet card program trusted across four continents.

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See for yourself how Edenred Pay’s innovative approach to payments automation delivers value and provides a better experience for all parties across the B2B payments ecosystem. Chat with us today!

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