Corporate travel payment solutions 

Corporate travel payment solutions 

Take control of your spending and free up staff time with travel payment solutions from Edenred Pay.

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Intelligent solutions for any travel need 

Traditional approaches to travel and expense management take too much time, make it hard to know how money is being spent, and create too many opportunities for things to slip through the cracks.

That’s why Edenred Pay created its suite of corporate travel payment solutions.

Whether you are a growing business trying to maximize your resources or a large enterprise looking for ways to streamline your operations and manage your spending, Edenred Pay has a travel payment solution for you.

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Edenred Pay applies intelligent technology solutions to address common business travel payment concerns. Stop updating authorization forms, refaxing confirmations, and chasing after rogue spenders.

Virtual cards

Virtual cards

Reluctant to give physical cards to your business travelers? Virtual cards may be the answer. Effortlessly pay the exact amount of each reservation on behalf of the business traveler with these plastic-less one-time use cards. The unique number of the virtual card becomes invalid once the transaction is completed. And reconciliation is a snap with our seamless integration to leading ERP applications and accounting software packages. 

Purchasing cards

Purchasing cards

When plastic is required, purchasing cards may be the answer. Our purchasing card solutions keep you in the driver’s seat with real-time spending controls and the ability to easily restrict or block usage through an intuitive platform interface. And one card number per employee means reconciliations stay simple. 

Static cards

Static cards

Static cards are virtual cards with static numbers that allow you to pay suppliers effortlessly and securely for multiple invoices or recurring transactions. You can even set spending limits and track payments for recurring transaction. 

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Travel management automation on your terms

  • Keep the Travel Management Company (TMC) you love
    Our virtual card solutions seamlessly integrate within the booking process of any TMC.

  • Leverage our network of TMCs
    Don’t have a TMC? We’ve got you covered with a network of TMCs that we can refer you to.

  • Pay travel expenses without a TMC
    Use our virtual card solutions to directly pay for air, hotel, and cars through the use of our Edenred Pay | Processing platform.

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Payment solutions for today’s corporate travel needs


Spend management control

Configure spending parameters for each traveler, including amounts, number of transactions, and expiration dates. Limits can be modified in real-time to accommodate last-minute changes or purchasing requests. 


Smart insights at your fingertips 

Access reports when and where you need them. Instantly review booking details related to reservations, employees, and events. And quickly generate comprehensive reports with our extensive data points. 


World-class support

Get fast answers to your questions and help when you need it with our dedicated customer care support team backed by travel payments experts.  Our team can even provide reservation support before your travelers arrive at the front desk to check in. 

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