Invoice automation

Invoice automation

A single platform for optimizing and monetizing the processing of any paper or electronic invoice.

Edenred Pay sets the standard for invoice-to-pay automation with a solution that digitizes and simplifies every step of the invoice approval process – from invoice receipt through reconciliation.

We combine advanced technology and a team of AP experts to deliver unmatched payback and results.

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75% faster invoice approvals

75% lower invoice processing costs

8x improvement in staff productivity

Complete transparency

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Whether your department is automating for the first time, ready to upgrade its existing AP automation
technology, or searching for ways to complete the ‘last mile of automation,’ Edenred Pay can help.

We also offer invoice-to-pay automation solutions for industries such as:

  • Media and advertising

  • Property management

  • Hotels and hospitality

  • Distribution

  • Healthcare

  • More!

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A complete invoice-to-pay solution

We don’t believe in half-measures. That’s why Edenred Pay was built to deliver benefits across the invoice automation lifecycle.

  • Invoice receipt. Aggregate all paper and electronic invoices on a single platform for standardized invoice automation and exceptional control.

  • Invoice data capture. Automatically extract all invoice header and line-item details with guaranteed 99.5% capture accuracy.

  • Exceptions resolution. We relieve your exceptions resolution burden with automatic identification of missing or mis-matched information, AP subject matters who take the first crack at resolving exceptions, and online collaboration tools.

  • Invoice approval workflows. Digitally route mis-matched invoices or those requiring approval based on pre-configured business rules.

  • ERP posting. Effortlessly match invoices with POs and upload matched or approved invoices into any ERP application or accounting software package touch-free.

  • Reporting and business intelligence. Stay one step ahead with our graphical dashboards displaying real-time metrics and, drill-down capabilities, mobile accessibility, fast data exports, and ad hoc reporting.

  • Supplier payments. Reduce your overhead, provide suppliers with the right remittance details they need, and mitigate your risk of fraud with the best invoice-to-pay automation platform in the business. A single file is all it takes to pay suppliers in their preferred payment method.

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No matter your organization’s size or its industry, Edenred Pay can help automate your invoice and payments automation.

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Innovative technology, exceptional results

Edenred Pay is a pioneer in invoice automation.

Automate invoices  on a single platform

Automate invoices on a single platform

Automatically collect all paper and electronic invoices on a single platform for standardized processing.
Strengthen your supplier relationships

Strengthen your supplier relationships

Empower suppliers to submit invoices through our online self-service portal. POs submitted through the portal can be converted or “flipped” into electronic invoices.
Unlock the value of your AP information

Unlock the value of your AP information

Graphical dashboards, configurable reports, and personalized work queues provide instant access to insights needed for optimizing cash management, spending, and risks.
Streamline AP exceptions resolution

Streamline AP exceptions resolution

Our accounts payable automation software automatically identifies defective invoices. Suppliers can add or revise invoice information via a collaborative online portal without having to resubmit the invoice.
Seamless integration

Seamless integration

We provide seamless integrations to more than 350 industry-specific ERPs and accounting systems, with no IT setup required.
Invoice data capture

Invoice data capture

Edenred Pay’s touch-less invoice automation delivers guaranteed a 99.5% data accuracy rate, resulting in faster approvals and fewer downstream errors.
A single file for any payment method

A single file for any payment method

We make it easy to pay suppliers in their preferred method – virtual card, Edenred Pay Network, ghost card, ACH, and check. And we offer built-in customizable controls to prevent disbursements without proper approvals.
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