Common Dispute Reasons & Documentation Guidelines

Reminder: If you are attaching documentation that contains sensitive, non-public information, be advised that transmitting information via email is not a secure means of communication and should not be used to convey social security numbers, full account numbers or date of birth. Please take the necessary measures to ensure the information is being transmitted in a secure manner.

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Dispute reasons & required disclosures

  • Unauthorized Transaction
    Services or merchandise not received
  • Services or merchandise not received
    A Transaction Dispute Form. Specific description of the goods or services purchased and indicate if the merchant has been contacted.
  • Not as described or defective merchandise
    A Transaction Dispute Form. A copy of the contract is required, if there exists a contractual relationship with the merchant and the transaction is an amount more than what is specified in the contract.
  • Charge Amount Does Not Agree
    A Transaction Dispute Form. Provide a legible copy of the receipt.
  • Recurring Charges After Cancellation
    A Transaction Dispute Form with any supporting documentation to support that the cardholder canceled services with the merchant. If the customer agreed to a free trial period, it must cancel the service with the merchant prior to the expiration of the free trial period. Simply closing the account will not avoid charges to the card.
  • Credit Appears as a Charge
    A Transaction Dispute Form and provide a copy of the credit receipt.
  • Duplicate Transaction
    A Transaction Dispute Form.
  • Paid by other Means
    A Transaction Dispute Form and provide a copy of proof of payment (processed check, proof of payment from Online Banking, etc.)
  • Hotel Reservation Cancelled
    A Charge Dispute Form and a reservation cancellation number. If a cancellation number is not available, cardholder must provide as much information as possible.
  • Cardholder Does Not Recognize
    A Transaction Dispute Form.
  • Other, Above Reasons are Not Applicable
    A letter providing as much detail and facts explaining the reason for the dispute, your attempts to resolve the issues with the merchant, and any support documentation (as applicable).