Eliminating manual payment processing results in improved efficiencies and time saved for leading integrated marketing company.



BrandMuscle, Inc. powers local, channel, and partner marketing for over 300 of the world’s largest brands. With 700 full-time employees, BrandMuscle has the industry’s largest client service, product development, and marketing execution support team. While leading the way in marketing and innovation, their accounts payable (AP) process needed enhancements.

Historically, BrandMuscle managed their AP process in NetSuite, disbursing payments to their suppliers by ACH or paper checks. Each month, over 1,000 checks were printed in-house, approved, stuffed by hand into envelopes, and mailed. The time required by staff to manually manage this process quickly became an impeding pain point.



BrandMuscle was searching for a payments automation solution that integrated into their ERP. Learning that Edenred Pay was a “Built for NetSuite” AP automation and payments platform that could automate ACH and positive pay files to their bank while significantly reducing payments fraud, made the decision easy.

This would result in immediate efficiency through the elimination of manual payments processing. In addition, offering another payment method to their vendors in the form of virtual cards was very attractive. They realized the opportunity to earn a monthly rebate through Edenred Pay’s virtual card program would make a favorable impact to their bottom-line.


Since coming on-board with Edenred Pay, BrandMuscle’s payment process has been greatly simplified. “We select items to be paid within NetSuite, log into Edenred Pay’s Payment Automation Platform, review the file, and approve it for release. Everything is so much easier. All of the pain points we experienced in our previous process have been eliminated.”

Significant savings have been created in terms of manual employee labor. AP automation has saved the department approximately 8 hours a week. The use of virtual cards reduces bank reconciliation time since there are fewer checks to clear and outstanding checks to chase down. The team is now able to help and make in an impact in other areas of the business.

BrandMuscle went live in February 2020, and in March, they transitioned to a work from home environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through their partnership with Edenred Pay, they were able to make a seamless transition for payment processing. It allowed the department to continue business as usual without risking someone going into the office several days a week. “The benefits of implementing Edenred Pay have gone far beyond time savings.”