Dunes Golf and Beach Club

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club earns 10K a year in additional income by automating 30% of their payments with Edenred Pay.

Dunes Golf and Beach Club


The Dunes Golf and Beach Club is a legendary course and a premier country club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Friendly staff, scenic, beautifully kept grounds and clubhouse, and challenging holes make the Dunes a favorite among visitors and locals alike.

Along with ample facilities and meticulously manicured grounds, the Dunes Club is known by players as having the fastest greens. However, their payment process was anything but fast.

Traditionally, most golf clubs work in an old-fashioned, paper payment system. Paper invoices, paper checks, and snail mail are the usual. But the usual is no longer efficient. Ed Kingsmore, CFO at the Dunes Golf and Beach Club, said they wanted to change their payment process because of “all of the inefficiencies of paper checks.” First, Ed noted that the labor and expense of preparing and mailing the checks was time-consuming. And then, there was additional time and effort in manually reconciling, voiding, and reissuing checks lost in the mail.

The slow payment process, along with the slow mail delivery, encouraged Ed to look into automated digital payments.



Ed was familiar with Edenred Pay as they are well-known in the Club industry. And he’d heard that their platform integrated smoothly with the Dunes Club accounting system, Clubessential. So he decided to move forward with Edenred Pay. However, he wondered if the implementation process would be complicated and if integration with Clubessential would really be as seamless as he had heard.

Ed discovered that Edenred Pay was very organized and lived up to its reputation, which settled any doubts he may have had. When asked to describe his experience with the AP automation company, Ed said, “Edenred Pay was very easy to work with, and the entire process was straightforward, from the demonstrations to implementation to ongoing support.”



After the Dunes Club automated their payments with Edenred Pay and moved away from a manual, paper process, Ed noted, “our entire payment process is much more efficient and transparent.” In addition, the accounts payable system combined with Edenred Pay’s payment solution has significantly impacted how Ed’s team processes payments. “Admin time can now be allocated towards higher value tasks instead of ‘pushing paper,’” he said.

Approximately 30% of the Club’s disbursements are now made via Edenred Pay virtual card payments instead of paper checks. As a result, the Dunes Club not only saves time but by replacing paper checks, they also avoid reissuing lost checks and potential check fraud. Furthermore, they have an additional income stream from virtual card payments. “We earn approximately $10K annually from Edenred Pay virtual card rebates,” confirmed Ed.

When asked what he would like to say to anyone considering using Edenred Pay’s Payment Automation Platform, Ed replied,