Eleven Inc.

Edenred Pay’s Payment Automation Platform empowers creative agency to earn extra revenue when paying bills.

Eleven Inc.


In 1999, Eleven, Inc., a creative agency giving credence to its name with just 11 employees started a journey that quickly grew into an award-winning business with over 100 employees. Eleven found themselves in short order representing some of the most exclusive and well-known global brands focused in the technology, healthcare, education, golf, food, and transportation industries.

With a demanding and growing client roster, AP processes that revolved around paper checks and manual reconciliation were beginning to seem antiquated. It was clear that while their brand strategies were leading the industry, their approach to payments was not.
Several different accounting platforms were implemented and failed to deliver the overall efficiency they were hoping for. On a referral, Eleven called Edenred Pay to learn more about their Payment Automation Platform.



With Edenred Pay’s Payment Automation Platform, the entire AP process could be automated. Invoices and single-use virtual cards were tied to specific accounts, allowing for swift reconciliations that eliminated the need for paper checks and time-consuming manual processes.

Working with Edenred Pay to set up and implement their platform was simple and seamless, which reduced a lot of resistance from the AP team, especially after trying so many other payment platforms that didn’t deliver the desired results. For new
employees, it was also easy to jump on board to Edenred Pay’s platform.


Swift Reconciliations – With one single-use virtual card number tied to each invoice, reconciliations have become essentially effortless. The time saved by eliminating manual processing is exponential, giving the staff a huge morale boost along with the ability to direct their energy to more high-level tasks.

Financial Health – A motivator for employing Edenred Pay’s Payment Automation Platform was the rebate earned through virtual card payments. Eleven has actually been able to make additional revenue for the company just by paying their overhead bills.

“If you want another stream of income supported by a partner that works as an extension of your team, then Edenred Pay’s Payment Automation Platform is the way to go.”

Rebates are delivered promptly every month. There are no surprises, and Eleven is now able to reinvest the additional revenue back into the overall financial health of the organization.