Spring Lake Country Club

Michigan country club reduces payment processing costs by nearly 50% and adds new revenue line by implementing Edenred Pay’s Payment Automation Platform.

Spring Lake Country Club


The Spring Lake Country Club (SLCC) is an 18-hole golf course situated around the beautiful Spring Lake in Michigan. An amenity-rich clubhouse that offers several dining areas, bars, and a pool area compliments the course.

To maintain this establishment, as is common in the Country Club setting, a Controller manages multiple areas of the business. The Controller effectively oversees all club finances and accounting processes, as well as human resources and IT issues.

All payments were historically paid by paper checks. During peak season, the Club could issue almost two hundred payments each month. Most of the payments required manually printing checks, putting them into envelopes, and running them through a postal meter. Then, they had to be dropped into the mail and tracked until they cleared by the bank. Any lost or damaged checks that needed replacement were also handled manually and included additional steps along with stop payment costs required by the bank.

Drew Nooney has been the controller of SLCC for over 14 years. “I was of the mindset that if it wasn’t broken then why fix it? Ultimately it fell on my shoulders to embrace change and make our club more efficient and profitable.”

Spring Lake Country Club learned about Edenred Pay’s payments solution through a webinar. At first, they thought it sounded too good to be true. Automated payments for all types of payments meant no more manual processing. Plus, Edenred Pay’s system seamlessly integrated with their accounting software, Jonas Club Management.



From the very first call, Edenred Pay’s dedicated representatives were responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable. The personalization of the entire implementation and training process, which included a step-by-step guide with screen shots of the process from their ERP system to their portal, proved their deep understanding of the golf club vertical which brought trust to the process and made it a no brainer to recommend to other club controllers.

Edenred Pay’s payment solutions includes management of the vendor enrollment process. The direct integration with Jonas Club Management allows Clubs to easily pull vendor lists and vendor payment preferences. This helps to better understand their existing process so that Edenred Pay can reach out to vendors on behalf of SLCC to educate them on payment options and benefits.



The payment process for SLCC now includes fewer checks and a drastic reduction of approximately 50 percent. The reduction includes all costs associated with manual labor, paper check processing, and reconciliation time.

Edenred Pay was able to onboard approximately half of SLCC vendors. This allowed them to pay these invoices with virtual credit cards and actualize all the benefits of automated reconciliations.

Spring Lake Country Club was able to realize over $18,000 in cash rebates using the Edenred Pay program.

“To this day, I smile every time I process payables because the process is so simple.”

Each invoice paid with a virtual card also earns SLCC a rebate. This enabled the accounting department to add a revenue line which they can reinvest into other areas of the club.