CSI-Backed Yoke Payments Advances Data Sharing Between Vending and Micro Market Technology Systems

CSI-Backed Yoke Payments Advances Data Sharing Between Vending and Micro Market Technology Systems

Yoke Payments, the innovative startup company backed by payments incubator CSI Kick Start, is alleviating a major pain point in the vending industry with its latest technology innovation. For several years, the Vending Data Interchange (VDI) Task Force has been attempting to implement standards that guide data sharing among competing technology systems for vending operators. While the Task Force continues to make strides, the industry has been slow to adapt and vending operators continue to struggle with multiple business systems, each with its own data silo.

Through its sophisticated open API technology, Yoke Payments integrates its award-winning self-checkout POS system with existing vending management and inventory management systems. The integration effectively provides vending operators with a single platform for the aggregation and sharing of all data related to both vending and micro market operations.

“We recognized the need for this integration when we took a holistic view at how our vending customers were forced to manage their business,” said Benjamin Thomas, co-founder of Yoke Payments. “Oftentimes their vending, coffee service, micro market and food service operations are all managed through different systems. We sought to bring all this valuable data together through Yoke Payments, proving customers with a better way to manage their business without abandoning the investments already made in legacy systems.”

Another key benefit of the data sharing made possible through Yoke Payments is the ability to tap into the membership benefits of buying groups, which can collectively negotiate discounts and rebates with suppliers based on the group’s spend volume and other transactional data.

“By providing our customers with a single platform to aggregate data, we’re not only bringing significant efficiencies to their operations but also giving them the opportunity to capitalize on the value of the data being generated and improve ROI through volume discounts,” said Michael Johnson, co-founder of Yoke Payments.

For vending operators seeking to leverage Yoke Payments’ technology with their markets, existing checkout kiosks can easily be upgraded to Yoke Payments, gaining cost savings, more efficient and modern checkout processes, and the means to share rich data between multiple systems. Learn more about Yoke Payments at http://yokepayments.com/.


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