Meet the Team: Introducing globalVCard’s Nikole Hargrave

Meet the Team: Introducing globalVCard’s Nikole Hargrave

So Nikole, tell me a little about yourself!

I am a wife, a mother of a 5 year old little boy, and a pet lover. I enjoy family time, cooking, music, watching football (usually the Fighting Irish but let’s not go there this year), boating, going to the beach, and yoga.

What do you do here at globalVCard?

As the Travel Account Manager, I am in charge of all of our travel accounts from the moment an application is submitted for the life of the account. I work closely with our partner travel management companies (TMCs) to maintain a smooth process for all the travelers. Our goal is to provide an automated and seamless corporate travel solution with rich data reporting – making reconciliation a breeze! Clients and their travelers can have a sense of peace knowing how secure a virtual card is and knowing that corporate credit card fraud is a thing of the past. I host routine reviews of all my clients’ accounts to discuss opportunities to grow their account and to gather feedback to constantly improve our product.

What are you most excited about working on here?

Travel! Our product has the potential to be the most amazing offering for corporate travel on the market. It is still in the infancy stages because hotels are still getting used to the idea of virtual cards. We are in the process of educating everyone on virtual cards to gain acceptance until the adoption of virtual card is global. It’s an evolution taking place before our eyes and it’s absolutely something special to be a part of.

And you’re also involved with Power2Change? Can you tell me a little about that?

From the moment I heard that we had a charity committee, I knew that I had to be a part of it. I have always been involved in things and volunteered, it’s part of who I am. Liane Sanson, SVP Global Sales and Operations – Advertising, and I have also started a chapter of Newborns In Need SWFL. Newborns in Need is made up of volunteers across the United States and is dedicated to making sure that the teen mom, the stressed family, the mother overwhelmed in sadness is supported in the first moments of the child’s life. I think it’s amazing to work for a company with a culture of such generosity and kindness embedded in our daily life. I have been blessed my whole life and I get so overwhelmed with joy when I can bless others in need.

What are some of your favorite things about living in southwest Florida?

Everything! My family has only lived here a little over a year, but we are already in love with this area. People joke about all the “snowbirds” coming here to retire, but I don’t understand what people are waiting for! I love having palm trees outside my window, the year-round warm weather, boating and seeing dolphins, being mere minutes from the beach, the freshest seafood imaginable, endless farmers markets, and the amazing friends I have found here. Florida has so many places to explore and visit all within a few hours’ drive.  I think people are happier here – maybe it has to do with all the Vitamin D. There is a slowness that occurs in “season” but it doesn’t bother me that things slow down a bit (even the traffic) because life already feels like it’s flying by. Waiting a bit longer at a restaurant, 10 additional minutes on a commute, or longer waits at the doctor’s office are all a small price to pay to live in paradise!


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