Commercial Fleet Companies Combat Summer Fuel Price Hikes with CSI Fleet Fuel Credit Card

Commercial Fleet Companies Combat Summer Fuel Price Hikes with CSI Fleet Fuel Credit Card

The temperature isn’t the only thing that rises in summer. With the summer heat comes rising fuel prices. It’s an industry standard. In today’s volatile economy, managing fleet fuel expenses is critical to achieving success. Knowing the future is only beneficial to those who choose to do something before it happens. That is why businesses across the county are using the CSI Fleet Fuel Card to counter rising gas prices by immediately reducing fuel expenses, optimizing fleet management, and controlling unnecessary spending.

“We see it every year,” explains Keith J. Stone, CSI President/CEO. “As summer gets closer, fuel prices go up. Too many businesses try to work this additional expense into their budget. But in our economic climate, companies can no longer absorb higher fuel prices. Instead, they are now being proactive by finding innovative ways to reduce expenses, such as the CSI Fleet Fuel Card.”

Companies that incorporate the variety of valuable expense management tools associated with the CSI Fleet Fuel Card experience savings up to 15% or more. Immediate savings come from access to the CSI Savings Discount Network, allowing fleet managers to identify not only low-price merchants, but also those who offer specially negotiated discounted prices to CSI card users. Savings within a given zip code can be significant, ranging from a few cents per gallon to as much as 15 or 20 cents.

According to Stone, true expense management is realized by combining those immediate gas savings with the savings that come from controlling spending, especially the unauthorized kind also known as slippage. “We have developed comprehensive card controls that enable fleet managers to not only establish spending limits of many sorts, but monitor and adjust those limits online and in real time, which almost eliminate slippage,” said Stone.

Every CSI Fleet Fuel Card may be set with both individual purchase and monthly limits, purchase types (fuel only, fuel and repair, fuel, repair and store, etc.), even the days and times purchases may be made as well as options to require different PIN and mileage prompts to make a purchase.

However, good business practices not only mean controlling spending but also being able to provide access to funds when necessary. “Besides monitoring unauthorized spending, there are many other reasons to have real time online monitoring and adjustments. For instance, it can help ensure the safety and security of the employee and company by authorizing limit adjustments during an emergency, such as a one-time purchase for roadside assistance” Stone added.

It’s no secret summertime brings hot weather and high fuel prices. That is why companies with fleets of all sizes, from a handful of vehicles to thousands, are finding new ways now to fight off the inevitable battle against the fuel budget by implementing the CSI Fleet Fuel Card.

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