Corporate Giving Programs Gain Security and Transparency with CSI globalVCard

Corporate Giving Programs Gain Security and Transparency with CSI globalVCard

Bonita Springs, FL – Nearly 40% of companies decreased corporate giving from 2010 to 2013, according to CECP, a coalition of CEOs united in their mission to create a better world. One of the barriers to more freely giving is concern over how and where the dollars are spent. CSI globalVCard, a leading provider of virtual payment solutions, provides the security and transparency needed to ensure corporate funds remain secure and are used as intended.

When catastrophe strikes, many businesses feel compelled to help but lack the confidence needed to turn good intentions into action. Many organizations sprang into action to assist the victims of the deadly typhoon that struck the Philippines last year, for example. But a lack of assurance that donations would be used directly to alleviate the suffering may have prevented some businesses to give more freely.

Since CSI Enterprises was founded in 1989, CEO and President Keith Stone has instilled a culture of giving throughout all of his companies. “We have experienced the highs and lows of corporate giving ourselves, quickly donating to help as tragedies are unfolding around the world, only to learn that the money never actually made its way to the ground where it was needed most – and where we intended it to be.”

Once the company began using its own technology, that uncertainty was eliminated and giving increased.

“One of the greatest things about our business is the ability to use our own products and technology to directly help those in need.”

The globalVCard payment system provides peace of mind knowing that company resources are helping a charity directly achieve its mission. For example, rather than sending a $100,000 check or wire transfer in hopes that it will be used toward rebuilding efforts, globalVCard customers can issue virtual credit card payments directly to contractors to fund the actual costs of infrastructure rebuilding, at the direction of the charity. These payments are processed just like traditional credit card payments, and offer universal acceptance around the globe through the world’s largest credit card network.

Benefits include:

  • Security – Single-use virtual credit card numbers are highly secure, with a unique number generated for each payment. Once the transaction is complete, the card number becomes invalid, eliminating the risk of fraud or the hacking of stored credit card numbers.
  • Control – Companies gain control over how and when funds will be disbursed. As needs arise, secure virtual payments can be issued via Web or mobile phone, ensuring real-time deliver anywhere in the world.
  • Transparency – Because each virtual payment is tied to a specific transaction, accountability is greatly improved and corporation gain the ability to track and report the impact of their investments.

With this security and accountability comes a stronger partnership between the company and its chosen charity. Uncertainty is removed and together they are better able to bring about real change. The globalVCard system is free, easy to use and can facilitate all corporate payments including accounts payable, corporate travel and mobile payments. Learn more about the company at