CSI Enterprises Kicks off 25 Years of B2B Payment Innovation with New Corporate Website

CSI Enterprises Kicks off 25 Years of B2B Payment Innovation with New Corporate Website

Bonita Springs, FL – CSI Enterprises, Inc. starts off 2014 with a celebration that few companies can share: 25 years of success and its position as a global leader in the corporate payments industry. The company’s new corporate website both honors its rich history and showcases the many ways the company will continue to lead throughout the next 25 years.

“We are certainly proud of our past 25 years, but are equally excited about the next 25,” said CSI’s founder and President Keith Stone. “Our new corporate website was designed to represent the uniqueness that is CSI, and project our inherent characteristics that will carry us forward into the next century: strength, experience, leadership and the trust we have earned over a quarter century serving some of the world’s most iconic brands.”

CSI’s new corporate website is also positioned to achieve the following:

1. Grow the globalVCard® brand – Virtual B2B payments are the future, and the globalVCard brand is the leading force of this emerging payment trend. Security breaches inherent with static plastic cards – as recently experienced by Target Brands, Inc. and reported in The Green Sheet December 31, 2013 – are remedied by single-use virtual card numbers.

As businesses seek more secure and efficient payment mechanisms, CSI’s suite of solutions cut disbursement costs and simplify financial transactions throughout the company: accounts payable, corporate travel, fleet fuel management and mobile payments.

2. Showcase CSI’s hallmark customer service – After 25 years, the company’s core mission to continually deliver first class service to its customers remains an integral part of CSI’s offerings. This commitment to success is the reason the company’s AP teams experience a 100% customer retention rate and vendor adoption of electronic services that is three times the industry average.

3. Share the CSI company story – CSI Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1989 and has since served over 10,000 customers. From its origins as a fleet fuel management company with a heart for giving back, CSI has grown into a leading global provider of B2B payment solutions and passionate supporter of charitable causes.