CSI Enterprise’s Latest Product Release Enhances Value for Vendors Accepting Electronic Payments

CSI Enterprise’s Latest Product Release Enhances Value for Vendors Accepting Electronic Payments

Bonita Springs, FL – CSI Enterprises, Inc., a global leader in innovative financial solutions for businesses, is pleased to announce the latest enhancements to its innovative accounts payable solution, globalVCard paysystems.  These enhancements are focused on creating greater value for vendors and a highly compelling reason to shift from paper check payments to the acceptance of virtual MasterCard® payments – a much more efficient and profitable way for CSI’s corporate customers to pay their vendors.

For vendors that may be reluctant to accept credit card payments, CSI’s latest product release offers vendors a more compelling reason to consider accepting card payments with significant value-added services, including:

  1. Easier management of payments – The enhancement of our vendor portal provides the ability to receive and manage payments from multiple businesses in one central location, which can be securely accessed online, 24/7.
  2. New business leads – The new Vendor Lookup feature enables CSI’s thousands of accounts payable customers to search for vendors that accept globalVCard payments, providing the opportunity for vendors to generate new business leads.
  3. Access to payment details – Previously reserved only for clients, vendors can now login to the globalVCard paysystems to receive their current payment details or access payment history.
  4. Adherence to vendor remittance requirements – for vendors who only accept fax remittances, payment details can be faxed directly from the globalVCard paysystems portal.

Additionally, this third quarter launch includes significant API enhancements that empower third party integrations and applications with our secure virtual MasterCard® card technology. These enhancements provide the following benefits to CSI’s corporate clients:

  1. Real-time transaction history that allows clients to identify card transactions at any time
  2. Greater flexibility in retrieving payment details through enhanced query function
  3. More robust vendor lookup queries to find vendors enrolled in the system
  4. Vendor notifications that alert the client whenever vendor profiles are changed or when new vendors are enrolled in the virtual card payment program
  5. For non PCI compliant partners, payments can be initiated without being exposed to credit card numbers

These enhancements were preceded by the company’s earlier release of additional accounts payable offerings, including check writing and direct payment services, which enable CSI to accommodate 100% of their customer’s AP needs.