CSI Fleet Fuel Card Announces New Ways to Control Fuel Costs As Gas Prices Continue to Rise

CSI Fleet Fuel Card Announces New Ways to Control Fuel Costs As Gas Prices Continue to Rise

CSI Enterprises, Inc. has 20 years experience providing fleet fueling solutions and savings of up to 15% or more to any size business fleet. With gas prices continuing to rise, the CSI Fleet Fuel Card provides discounts at tens of thousands of stations, but that’s just the beginning. “Fuel has always been a major budget item for fleet businesses,” said Keith J. Stone, CSI President. “Today, it too often dwarfs most every expense except payroll.”

The CSI Fleet Fuel Card is accepted at almost all fuel locations across the United States, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean. With the price of fuel ever changing, being able to take advantage of the lowest priced station on any given day is crucial. CSI uses a number of sources to bring that information to their cardholders including Smart Buy and CSI Gas Prices, two of the best online low fuel price locators. Universal acceptance is what sets the CSI Fleet Fuel Card apart from the competition.

Possibly the greatest cost savings comes from the card controls the CSI Fleet Fuel Card offers. Cards can be assigned to either a driver or a vehicle and are limited to purchasing fuel only or fuel and automotive maintenance. The cards may also be limited by number of transactions per day, time of day or week and/or dollar amounts by day, week or month. All of these controls are manageable by the customer online in real time.

Real time card controls are one of the greatest benefits this program has to offer. Every CSI Fleet Fuel card can be monitored and tracked, as well as reports run and analyzed, all online in real time. “We want our cardholders to be able to see the results of their good work immediately. If card privileges are being abused, tracking transactions online will make that apparent and immediate action can be taken,” said Stone.

“It is our job to make sure we provide the best fuel savings solutions to our cardholders,” stated Stone. “Although we believe our program offers the best features on the market, we continue to search for new ways to help our clients save by utilizing the latest technologies available.”