CSI Global-Fleet Fuel Card Reaches 10-Year Milestone in Partnership with U.S. Bank and the Voyager Network

CSI Global-Fleet Fuel Card Reaches 10-Year Milestone in Partnership with U.S. Bank and the Voyager Network

For more than two decades, CSI Global-Fleet Fuel Card has offered an innovative array of fuel, maintenance and service solutions that greatly simplify fleet fuel management. This month, CSI Global-Fleet Card commemorates its ten year partnership with the U.S. Bank Referral Partner program, powered by the Voyager Network. The CSI Global-Fleet Fuel Card brings great value to thousands of business customers and their fleets, thanks to the strength of the CSI Global-Fleet/U.S. Bank partnership and the value of the Voyager Network’s ongoing enhancements.

The Voyager Network offers national acceptance that has expanded to now include over 230,000 gas stations, truck stops and maintenance locations. U.S. Bank’s government, non-profit and tax exempt fleet fuel program and monthly billing process distinguishes it from other fleet fuel card programs. The referral partner program has innovative features geared towards enhanced controls, reporting and cost analysis.

“A critical component of the partnership between The CSI Global-Fleet Fuel Card and U.S. Bank has always been listening to our customers and responding with world class controls and management functions that drive savings to them,” explains Keith Stone, President and CEO of CSI Global-Fleet. “That continued commitment on both sides is why the partnership is thriving into its second decade.”

Fleet managers have benefited from a series of control and reporting enhancements in the past year.
New Controls added include:

  •     Driver and Vehicle Authorization Profiles-Ability to set up drivers and vehicles under a group profile, which is much more efficient than creating and maintaining them one at a time.
  •     Third Prompt Capability-Support for additional text messaging data prompts following authorization.
  •     Unlock Card Functionality and Notification-Allows users to unlock cards online and opt in to receive notification in the event that a card has been locked due to multiple use attempts using an invalid PIN or ID number.


New Management Reports added include:

  •     Top Dollars by Merchant-Users can use the Top Dollars by Merchant report to actively manage key vendor relationships for maximum program value.
  •     Cards with High Gallons-Provides information about cards that have a high gallon volume.
  •     Cards with Non-fuel Purchases- Identifies cards that drivers have used to buy something other than fuel, such as auto parts or food.
  •     Cards with Multiple Purchases per Day-Lists cards that have multiple purchases per day.
  •     Fuel Economy by Vehicle Description- Monitors fuel economy for all vehicles (summarized by make and model) in a program. With this information, fleet managers can identify potential card misuse and improve the economic and environmental impact of their programs.
  •     Vehicle cost analysis – Provides a detailed picture of the cost of each vehicle in the program for improved cost management.


“From the beginning, we have been impressed with CSI’s commitment to providing its customers with the most innovative fleet and corporate purchasing products along with the highest level of customer service,” said Jeff Rankin, Senior Sales and Marketing Officer for U.S. Bank Corporate Payment Systems. “We are proud of our role in helping CSI sustain its reputation for delivering highly customizable and flexible business solutions such as the CSI Global-Fleet Fuel Card.”