CSI globalVCard and Syd Youth Team to Launch National Advertising Campaign for globalVCard Mobile Payments

CSI globalVCard and Syd Youth Team to Launch National Advertising Campaign for  globalVCard Mobile Payments

Bonita Springs, FL – As CSI globalVCard launches its latest payment innovation, Spend Secure, one of the company’s early customers is taking center stage with the mobile app – literally. Breakout pop group, Syd Youth, relies on globalVCard mobile payments to keep their business payments secure. The two entities have teamed up to capture real-life moments on video, showing how globalVCard impacts the business side of the group’s day-to-day.

In the midst of Syd Youth’s first tour, the business side of managing a record label is rarely shown. The video takes a behind-the-scenes look at how this non-traditional business uses globalVCard to purchase equipment, rent studio space, book hair and makeup appointments, and pay for travel reservations.

“The security locks on the card allow us to set dollar amounts and spending limits, restrict where the card can be used…we have total control over our purchases,” said Tess Stone, one of the founders of Syd Youth and the record label Rebel Lane.

Like all entrepreneurs discover, the business side of the venture can easily overcome the passion. “Being an artist and running the business takes a lot of energy and focus,” shares Stone. “Using the globalVCard helps us to streamline the business side and gives us peace of mind that our payments are secure. All these things really help take the pressure off on the business side so we can focus on doing exactly what it is we love to do.”

globalVCard Spend Secure combines virtual cards, plastic purchasing cards and an innovative mobile app to ensure employees are spending securely. Key features include the ability to:

  • Issue virtual credit card payments in real-time. Highly secure single-use virtual card numbers become invalid once the intended transaction is complete, eliminating the risk of fraud.
  • Control both virtual and plastic CSI-issued corporate purchasing cards, with the ability to adjust spending limits and approve/block cards in real-time.
  • Monitor employee spending, restrict usage by merchant type and immediately approve/deny requests for additional funds.

The globalVCard and Syd Youth advertising campaign will combine mixed media across television, Internet and radio. Learn more about Spend Secure at www.spend-secure.com, or on the company’s corporate website www.corporatespending.com.