CSI globalVCard Expands to China: Partners with E-Life Financial Holdings

CSI globalVCard Expands to China: Partners with E-Life Financial Holdings

CSI globalVCard, a leading B2B payments company specializing in safe, secure and rewarding payments, today announced that it has expanded services to China, its second salvo in as many months as part of the company’s worldwide expansion. CSI globalVCard also announced a partnership with Beijing-based E-Life Financial Holdings, a subsidiary of HNA Group. Together, CSI globalVCard and E-Life will offer Chinese companies electronic supplier payments at an affordable cost.

CSI globalVCard will use the payment issuance capacity of E-Life for in-country payments and direct settlements through all major banks in China, allowing the company to manage batch payments in one portal. Clients choose CSI globalVCard for its automated, paperless payments platform, which allows multinational corporations to have the control and visibility in a single platform.

“Expansion into China is a natural progression for CSI globalVCard as our Chinese and multinational clients see strong demand from the $1.8 trillion Chinese internet finance market,” said Jia Liu, VP of International Payments, CSI globalVCard. “China’s FinTech industry is rapidly outpacing any other market in the world, and our clients need seamless, central visibility, and customer service there.”

James Chen, CEO of E-Life Financial addressed that, “As China’s well-known financial holdings company, E-Life Financial emphasizes cooperation with entities and platforms overseas. At the same time, E-Life Financial wishes to provide high-class service for domestic and foreign customers with the advantages of its full license qualifications, distribution channels, and strong clearing capabilities. As internationalization leads to ascending trends on cross-border payments, cooperation both domestically and internationally has become more and more important for E-Life Financial in offering customers a seamless experience and providing solutions for cross-border payments.”

The CSI globalVCard/E-Life partnership will offer Chinese and multinational clients key benefits:

  • No sign-up fee to implement CSI globalVCard’s China in-country payments
  • Supports payments to nearly all Chinese banks
  • Same-day transactions for major banks, next business day transactions for all other banks
  • No additional fees for different bank/different province bank payments
  • Batch transactions in a single portal increases efficiency and reduces manual mistakes
  • Global payment visibility for international HQs
  • Globally consolidated payment reports
  • 24/7 customer service in China
  • Detailed reconciliation data

In addition to the company’s 2016 European rollout, CSI plans to roll out its services across additional continents by the end of 2017. For more information about CSI globalVCard, please visit www.corporatespending.com.