CSI globalVCard™ Mobile App Looks to Change the Way Mobile Online B2B Payments Are Made

CSI globalVCard™ Mobile App Looks to Change the Way Mobile Online B2B Payments Are Made

CSI Enterprises, Inc., a leader in innovative financial solutions for enterprises and businesses, has done it again with the CSI globalVCard Mobile App. CSI Enterprises, Inc. introduces this mobile application to on-the-go businesses of all sizes as a revolutionary and customizable B2B payment tool to create secure virtual MasterCard® account numbers via a smartphone or tablet.

The CSI globalVCard mobile app is a payment method that allows the business owner or user to create secure single and multi-use virtual MasterCard account numbers from their mobile device. It’s a perfect solution to make secure online payments. More and more businesses are using smartphones and tablets as their day-to-day operations become more mobile. Mobile payments are more prevalent than ever in everyday business, in fact, according to Juniper Research, mobile payment transactions already total $240 billion and the market expects to more than double in the next five years.

The globalVCard app contains enhanced security features including pin-prompting at setup, the option to create single and multi-use virtual MasterCard account numbers for each vendor payment, all without storing sensitive credit card data on a mobile device’s operating system or hardware.  The app has custom control features which include purchase restrictions and the ability to set profiles specific to employees by MCC group, dollar amount and/or transaction limit. Cards can also be assigned to specific purchase orders, invoice numbers and be customized with memo notes. Convenience features of the app include the ability to copy and paste card account numbers within a smartphone browser to enhance the online purchase experience as well as view or block existing cards. CSI globalVCard goes beyond the smartphone with its web version, GPS (globalVCard Pay System), which enables batch payment creation through the upload of a single payment file from your A/P system and electronically disburses secure vendor payments.

In addition, the CSI globalVCard mobile app allows cards to be created in another name from the administrator’s account, which is perfect for employer/employee card creation. Secure virtual account numbers can also be sent from this application via email as a card image or SMS text message. Future app updates will include NFC enabled PayPass Integration.

“The CSI globalVCard mobile app has been a long time in the works,” explained Keith Stone, CSI President and CEO. “The app is more than a B2B mobile payment solution. It is meant to work for the user. There is always a sense of urgency in today’s fast-paced business world and now you will have a secure payment app built to accommodate today’s on-the-go businesses.”

The vision for the CSI globalVCard mobile app is to allow users the ability to make secure online purchases and card-not-present transactions from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world, from the palm of your hand. The app is geared towards the world of business professional mobile payments not consumer retail purchases and coupon retentions.

The CSI globvalVCard mobile app is now available to Android mobile users and will soon be available to all iOS and Blackberry devices early Fall 2011. GlobalVCard is only available for CSI MasterCard customers. Please call 1.866.998.0437 to get information on becoming a customer. Customers can receive a 1% rebate on all globalVCard transactions. Offer Details – A 1% rebate will be paid to the customer for achieving certain spend volumes as indicated on a separate CSI Rebate Agreement. Customers will need to complete the separate agreement to receive the rebate.

CSI globalVCard, your business payment solution on the go because you are.