CSI globalVCard™ Mobile App Will Be Available To Nearly 92% of U.S. Smartphone Users As The First Mobile Business Payment Solution

CSI globalVCard™ Mobile App Will Be Available To Nearly 92% of U.S. Smartphone Users As The First Mobile Business Payment Solution

CSI Enterprises, Inc., a leader in innovative financial solutions for enterprises and businesses, launches their globalVCard™ mobile app for business users with iOS and BlackBerry devices. The iOS application is available now and the BlackBerry application expects to launch by the end of this month. CSI launched its app for Android users on September 1, 2011 to the largest U.S. smartphone market share holder. With the unveiling of Apple® iPhone 5 still looming and BlackBerry® recent launch of their revamped smartphone devices i.e. NFC enabled BlackBerry 9930 integrated with BlackBerry® 7 OS, the timing is perfect for small to mid-size businesses that use their tablets or smartphones on a daily basis to make secure business purchases through a mobile payment solution built specifically for their needs.

What is the CSI globalVCard™ app? CSI globalVCard™ is a revolutionary payment method that allows the user to create secure single and multi-use virtual MasterCard® account numbers from their tablet or smartphone device. More and more businesses are using tablets and smartphones as their day-to-day operations become more mobile. Just as iPhone users are more likely to buy an iPad as their tablet, so too are Android users more likely to buy Android-based tablets. It is increasingly important to have a strong portfolio in both market segments. Almost half of U.S. tablet owners will make online purchases from their device according to a survey by comScore. The CSI globalVCard™ app offers a secure business payment solution for both smartphone and tablet platforms and is available on the top three smartphone operating systems. A CSI MasterCard® account is required to use CSI globalVCard™ mobile app.

Security played a major role in the development of CSI globalVCard™. The app contains enhanced security features including pin-prompting at setup, the option to create single and multi-use virtual MasterCard account numbers for each vendor payment, all without storing sensitive credit card data on a mobile device’s operating system or hardware. The app has custom control features which include purchase restrictions and the ability to set profiles specific to employees by MCC group, dollar amount and/or transaction limit as well as view or block existing cards. Cards can also be assigned to specific purchase orders, invoice numbers and be customized with memo notes. Convenience features of the app include the ability to copy and paste card account numbers within a smartphone browser to enhance the online purchase experience.

In addition, the CSI globalVCard™ mobile app allows cards to be created in another name from the administrator’s account, which is perfect for employer/employee card creation. SMS text messaging stands at 70% of smartphone uses according to comScore, now you can SMS a secure virtual account number from this unique application. A business owner can also opt to email virtual account numbers to an employee to be used online, over the phone or wherever MasterCard is accepted. Future app updates are sure to follow which will include NFC enabled PayPass Integration.

“We have received a great response following the September 1st launch of CSI globalVCard™,” explained Keith Stone, CSI President and CEO. “The vast mobile payment arena is still very much under development. CSI’s entire business plan is built around two words: Control and Security. We are ensuring that the newly launched CSI globalVCard™ app is nothing shy of any of our other innovative business payment solutions that we have offered for over two decades.”

Please call 1.866.998.0437 to get information on becoming a customer. Customers can receive a 1% rebate on all CSI globalVCard™ mobile app transactions. Offer Details – A 1% rebate will be paid to the customer for achieving certain spend volumes as indicated on a separate CSI Rebate Agreement. Customers will need to complete the separate agreement to receive the rebate.