globalVCard PaySystems Further Expands Ideas Of The Accounting Industry’s Manual Behavior

globalVCard PaySystems Further Expands Ideas Of The Accounting Industry’s Manual Behavior

CSI Enterprises, Inc., a leader in innovative financial solutions for enterprises and businesses, offers a broader insight to traditional disbursement processes. globalVCard PaySystems has taken its already cutting edge virtual batch payment solution even further to give users more custom controls and increased productivity.

globalVCard PaySystems is an alternative to tedious and costly manual check/ACH disbursements. The electronic payment solution is a secure online payment portal that allows users to upload a payment file from their existing A/P software, route to work flow for approval and quickly disburse multiple vendor payments. globalVCard PaySystems is a directly integrated solution that offers savings-reduce labor/costs associated with paper check/ACH disbursements, efficiency-automates the payables process with secure electronic vendor payments and timely reconciliation, security-generates a unique single-use account number for each vendor payment.

Alternative electronic payables are becoming more accepted in today’s payables industry. In fact, according to an Electronics Transactions 2011 survey, paper checks could constitute less than 31 percent of payments by 2014. We value our consumer’s voice and conduct quarterly user experience evaluations. As a result, at the end of Q1-2012 we will introduce a more defined administrator panel to allow users to manage multiple accounts through a single login as well as multiple reporting and support enhancements as a result of our ongoing efforts to enhance the customer’s experience.

“We will continue to take a creative approach to traditional corporate payment practices,” explained Keith Stone, CSI President and CEO. “For over two decades, we have put great thought into our suite of corporate solutions. globalVCard PaySystems is just another bi-product of our team’s innovative thinking outside the box of traditional payables processing.”

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