Jonas Club Software Renews Partnership with CSI Paysystems in 2020

Jonas Club Software Renews Partnership with CSI Paysystems in 2020

Markham, Ontario, March 2, 2020 – Jonas Club Software has renewed its partnership with Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI), a leading B2B payments provider that currently serves over 200 active Jonas Club Software clients.

CSI’s over 20 years of payments expertise and flexible, innovative platform, has the ability to completely transform a club’s accounts payable process. With CSI clubs can:

  • Create new revenue with a monthly cash rebate on credit card transactions.
  • Automate and streamline vendor payments freeing up employee time for more valuable, revenue-generating tasks.
  • Enhance security and reduce costs by replacing checks with virtual, one-time use credit cards, establishing concrete approval processes, identifying invoice discrepancies, and flagging vendor errors.
  • Easily approve and track transactions, both individually or in batches.
  • Have more control and visibility of payments, 24/7 which allows clubs to maximize early payment discounts, wherever possible.
  • Automate the reconciliation and reporting process by enabling CSI to share data with Jonas Club Software.

All of that, with minimal disruption to the overall AP workflow, and clubs can be up and running with CSI in just over a week. It may sound too good to be true, but as Drew Nooney, controller at Spring Lake Country Club, said, “It’s a win-win, and a no-brainer.”

”The fact that CSI was skilled at handling the vendor enrollment process was a huge weight lifted. At the same time, they fully respected our established relationships with certain vendors and, in certain cases, my desire to reach out personally.” —Drew Nooney, Controller at Spring Lake Country Club

CSI’s vendor enablement team can act as an extension of a club by contacting vendors to see if they’ll accept payment by card and determine if the terms make financial sense for the club (e.g., no additional fees, no loss of discounts). Average card acceptance is typically 30 to 40 percent of club vendors depending on region, and CSI treats them like their own, with the goal of building better relationships through professionalism and clear, friendly communication.

“CSI’s partnership with Jonas Club Software has already benefited 200 of our partner clubs. David and his team make it almost effortless for clubs to pay their vendors. Plus clubs get a rebate for letting CSI take on the work! It’s a win-win.” – Trevor Coughlan, Vice President of Marketing, Jonas Club Software.

“With such complementary cultures and technology, this has been a natural fit. Our partnership promises to bring efficiencies and added revenue, along with our commitment to first-class customer support,” – David Disque, President, CSI.

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