The CSI Global-Fleet Fuel Team is at the Top of Their Game, Helping Companies Battle Rising Fuel Prices

The CSI Global-Fleet Fuel Team is at the Top of Their Game, Helping Companies Battle Rising Fuel Prices

CSI Global-Fleet, a leader in innovative financial solutions for enterprises and businesses, provides universally accepted fuel card solutions for business fleets of all sizes as gas prices continue to rise throughout the month of April.

According to a GreenRoad study done in March of 2012, 71% of fleet leaders across the United States are “significantly impacted by the rising fuel costs” with fuel consumption a top-level focus for fleet management. It has been widely demonstrated that fuel consumption is significantly impacted by driver behavior, but most companies are not doing anything to monitor on a driver to driver basis.

CSI Global-Fleet is helping combat the issue of rising fuel costs by providing its’ customers with a variety of controls and features that help reduce fuel purchasing costs. One of the best ways Global-Fleet customers save money on fuel is by taking advantage of the universal acceptance feature their fuel card platform offers.  Universal acceptance gives drivers the ability to ‘shop’ for better prices in the area they travel within. Many times there is a $.03-$.07 difference in fuel price per gallon within a 1 mile radius. This is even more prevalent when the price of oil goes up and retail fuel prices become more volatile.

“The CSI Global-Fleet Fuel Card represents our company’s commitment to help fleets save on fuel costs while bringing enhanced control and reporting features to make their businesses more efficient,” explains Keith Stone, CSI Enterprises, Inc.’s President/CEO.

Global-Fleet also offers the most innovative/purchase controls on the market today intended to reduce the hassle of monitoring a driver’s fuel purchases. Providing employees with open credit cards can invite misuse such as non-fuel purchases or the fueling of non-business vehicles. Card controls act as a management tool to reduce misuse by providing fleet administrators with customizable restrictions administered through Global-Fleet’s secure online access and 24/7 customer support.

For more information on CSI Global-Fleet Fuel Products, please visit, or call 1-800-90-FLEET.