Self-service supplier portal

Self-service supplier portal

Empower your suppliers and streamline your invoice-to-pay process

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Connect with your suppliers

  • Edenred Pay makes it easier for your suppliers to do business with you.

  • Our online self-service supplier portal enables suppliers to effortlessly submit the information you need to pay them.

  • Eliminate back-and-forth emails and phone calls chasing down information.

  • Avoid the possibility of supply chain disruptions.

  • Mitigate your risk with centralized access and control over supplier information.

  • And deliver a better experience for everyone involved.

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Simplicity & transparency are built-in

Edenred Pay’s intuitive self-service supplier portal enables vendors of any size or technological sophistication to:

Easily add or update their vendor contact information, tax forms, and other payables documents

Effortlessly submit invoices and receive a confirmation of their receipt

Instantly convert (or “flip”) buyer purchase orders into electronic invoices via the portal

Eliminate time-wasting phone calls and emails with our online collaboration tool

See the status of invoices and payments 24/7/365

Stay in-the-know while on-the-go with mobile functionality

Everyone wins by digitally connecting through the Edenred Pay self-service supplier portal, which is a part of our end-to-end invoice-to-pay solution.

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Eliminate AP inefficiencies

Poor connectivity with suppliers costs AP departments more than they think.

Too much time spent keying invoice information and correcting errors

Too many paper invoices to manage and store

Difficulty processing email invoices from vendors and sellers

Endless phone calls and emails regarding the status of invoices and payments

Tax reporting challenges and compliance issues

If any of this sounds familiar, Edenred Pay’s self-service supplier portal may be for you.

Eliminate AP inefficiencies
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Better business growth through enhanced connectivity

Edenred Pay’s self-service supplier portal extends and improves the accounts payable automation process for buyers and suppliers. Digitally connecting with suppliers provides tremendous benefits to AP departments:

Eliminate the possibility of lost or misplaced invoices

Streamline operations and reduce invoice processing costs

Accelerate the resolution of invoice exceptions

Eliminate duplicate or erroneous payments to vendors

Avoid potential supply chain disruptions from invoice approval delays

Strengthen their relationships with valued vendors and sellers

Free up accounts payable staff to focus on value-added activities


See for yourself how Edenred Pay’s self-service supplier portal makes it easier for suppliers to do business with your company.

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