Target Hit by Massive Card Breach

Target Hit by Massive Card Breach

The Prepaid Press – In the world of payment systems, the unthinkable happened during the holiday season at one of the biggest retailers in the US. A massive breach of more than 70 million credit and debit cards at Target calls attention to the fact that the industry needs to raise their standards.


The Target breach is one more call to action for improving security. CSI Enterprises has a secure mobile solution for businesses that could be better than the proposed chip-based cards. The CSI globalVCard is a mobile solution for businesses on the go enabling busy CEOs and executives to create a single use MasterCard account number again and again. The virtual MasterCard can be used to pay vendors electronically. It integrates with existing account software.

Heather Stone, Global EVP, CSI Enterprises, said “CSI has created a number of mobile payment solutions for business use. A one-time virtual single-use card can be used to pay vendors. The virtual card carries a merchant category code (MCC) and is set for specific limits with a specific expiration date and does not have a static number.”

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