Turning up the Volume on the Voice of the Traveler

Turning up the Volume on the Voice of the Traveler

When it comes to corporate travel, most managed travelers can agree that it’s not always about luxury options but instead personalized customer service, quality support and convenience, and ease of expense reporting. Creating happy travelers isn’t necessarily about spending more, but it’s certainly about understanding more. As a travel manager, if you want to avoid leakage and rogue travelers, it comes down to your ability to listen to and implement the systems that your travelers need and want.

According to a recent BTN Traveler Happiness Index Survey, most managed travelers rate their happiness level as a 57 out of 100. That gives us an alarming indication that there are some serious gaps in corporate travel practices. The survey questions covered pre-trip, on-trip, and post-trip factors and subsequently categorized happiness into 5 different areas: policy strength, trip frequency, international trip volume, age of traveler, and gender of traveler.

The results show that the least happy travelers are the ones experiencing undefined travel policies, inadequate booking tools, and complicated expense reporting. These travel resources were also shown to have a huge influence on an employee’s overall satisfaction with his or her job, making it even more important to turn up the volume on managed traveler dialogue.

The BTN Traveler Happiness Index Survey is still open and it’s free. You can get a customized link here that can be sent to your travelers with the assurance that your data will remain confidential. When you’ve identified the factors that are most important to improving the happiness of your travelers, consider a booking tool that integrates secure virtual card payments, built-in compliance policy features, real-time mobile controls, and automated expensing.

It’s time to make travel fun again. Don’t believe it can be done? Click here and watch the magic unfold.