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Edenred Pay helps golf and country clubs make seamless and efficient payments to any supplier.

Here are some of the ways we can help your club take a swing at invoice-to-pay:

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Optimize your club’s payments

Edenred Pay can help your club optimize its payables by removing time-consuming and costly manual processes. Our invoice-to-pay automated solutions provide seamless, efficient, and secure payments to any supplier, while transforming your AP into a profit center.

Denise Hamilton, Assistant Controller of Portland Country Club, had this to say about automating her club’s payments with Edenred Pay, “I’m not printing checks or stuffing envelopes and running them through the postage meter. I don’t have to worry as much about our checks not reaching our vendors.” Also, “the monthly rebates far exceed the labor cost, paper, and stamps.

Explore how we can help your club improve its AP process.

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Improve staff efficiency

We automate the manual processes that bog you down, so you can spend more time on higher-value activities that help grow the business and achieve a competitive advantage.

After automating their payments with Edenred Pay, Ed Kingsmore, CFO at the Dunes Golf and Beach Club said, “our entire payment process is much more efficient and transparent” and “admin time can now be allocated towards higher value tasks instead of ‘pushing paper’.

Learn more about how the Dunes Golf and Beach Club benefits from Edenred Pay’s solutions in their case study.

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Mitigate your risk of payment fraud

The risk of payment fraud has never been higher.  Edenred Pay combines advanced technology, battle-tested best practices, and secure payment methods to help stop fraudsters in their tracks.

See for yourself in our blog How Paying Suppliers with Virtual Cards Reduces Payment Fraud Risk.

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Enhance visibility into AP

Your club can experience complete visibility into invoice and payment data, so you can take informed action and better manage working capital and corporate spending.

Fran Carpenter, Medford Lakes Country Club’s Comptroller noted, “Anytime vendors need payment status updates, I have accessibility to view it at a moment’s notice to aid their questions.

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Elevate your accounts payable function

For more than 30 years, Edenred Pay has set the standard for invoice-to-pay automation.

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